Castle Sovinec

The most extensive castle grounds in the Jeseníky. This castle on a rock outcropping was founded prior to the year 1333 and was witness to a rich history.

It for example became a significant Hussite fortress during the period of the Hussite wars and served as a prison and base for SS troops during World War II. It was partially destroyed by fire, not for the first time, in the year 1945 and is today undergoing gradual reconstruction. Visitors can view several of the courtyards as well as the so-called Upper Castle. The viewing stone tower provides a lovely view of the countryisde of the Sovinec micro-region natural park. Sovinec Castle at present also plays host to dozens of attractive events every year.


full price 60 Kč
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Other activities

seeing, guiding, exhibition

Address and contact

Hrad Sovinec
793 51 autopošta Břidličná