Červenohorské saddle

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An important starting point of tourist routes in Hrubý Jeseník, equipped with infrastructure for summer and winter tourism. An important point on the road crossing the main ridge of Jeseníky massif. Altitude 1010 meters.

Skiing at Červenohorské sedlo

The skiing resort Červenohorské sedlo is one of the most renowned alpine skiing centers in northern Moravia. Its altitude above 1000 m provides conditions for good seasons from mid December until the end of March. Visitors may choose among various terrains, from easy to steep slalom slopes for the best skiers. Červenohorské sedlo resort provides all services, including food and accommodation. Cross country skiing routes branch from Červenohorské sedlo to both sides of Hrubý Jeseník and many are treated by machinery. One of the most sought after routes is across the southern hillside of Velký Klínovec to Švýcárna and to Praděd area.

Traffic caution

In winter, do not travel to this area without snow chains, sometimes you might not make it to the resort without them. If the parking lot at Červenohorské sedlo is full, a reserve lot is available in Kouty nad Desnou.

Other activities

Winter sports

Ski slope Červenohorské sedlo

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-5.9 °C
10 - 15 cm (artificial)
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Červenohorské sedlo - Panorama Jižní svahy
Červenohorské sedlo - Panorama Jižní svahy
-6.2 °C
100 %
Červenohorské sedlo - Sdružený snímek
Červenohorské sedlo - Sdružený snímek