Chateau Velké Losiny

The rare original preserved chateau interiors present the lives of noble familes in the 16th century. The second floor even contains the court and the hall where the witch inquisition trials took place in the second half of the 17th century where the tribunal had 56 victims burned at the stake. This dark side of the chateau is dealt with in a book by Václav Kaplický A Witches’ Hammer and in a film of the same name by Otakar Vávra.

The Renaissance chateau was built over the years 1581–1589 on the site of a medieval fortress and its history is mainly connected with the Žerotín and Liechtenstein families. The chateau is crowned by a thin eight-sided, six-storey tower. Particularly attractive are the arcades along the three chateau wings directly in three rows above Velké Losiny – chateaueach other. The most peculiar interior is the Knight Hall with a Renaissance coffered ceiling, three metre majolica stoves from the end of the 16th century and a large Renaissance dresser, one of the most precious pieces of Renaissance furniture in the country. The chateau chapel is decorated with the superb paintings of the renowned Moravian painter Jan Kryštof Handke. A park, perfect for walks, adjoins the beautiful chateau.


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