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The rough and at the same time romantic nature of the Jeseníky Mountains will impress you at first glance. You will discover a lovely region where a whole range of protected species of plants and animals live and flourish, magical mountains with lovely views of the valleys below, crystal-clear waterfalls and mysterious caves. The Jeseníky Mountains are a natural paradise in both winter and summer.

Virgin nature, clean air and ideal conditions for both winter and summer holidays make this a truly attractive area. This territory has an area of 740 km2 and is very little disturbed in terms of ecology considering it is the 21st century. The most precious area is the rare botanical locality of Velká kotlina. Unique treasures can be found in the Jeseníky Mountains in each season of the year. In spring there are trout in the swollen rivers and streams, in the summer one will be surprised to find an abundance of mushrooms, blueberries and additional fruits, in the autumn one will be struck by the views of the gaily coloured mountains while in the winter one can take advantage of the rich snow cover. The Jeseníky are an ideal locale for spending one’s free time.

27.2.2020 (17:00)
Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s., Hala Léčebného domu Priessnitz (2 km)
27.2.2020 (19:30)
Wiener Kaffeehaus Restaurant (2 km)
1. – 29.2.2020 (10:30)
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Other attractions in the vicinityWhere to eat and drinkWhere to find accommodationRoutesEvents
Priessnitz Curative Spa - Jeseník Priessnitz Curative Spa - Jeseník
Priessnitzova 12/299 790 03, Jeseník (2 km)
Dolní Lipová Spa Dolní Lipová Spa
Lázeňská 248 790 61, Lipová- Lázně (2 km)
The Cave Na Pomezí The Cave Na Pomezí
Lipová Lázně (5 km)

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Chráněná krajinná oblast Jeseníky

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