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Museums and galleries in the Jeseníky mountains

Museum exhibitions provide you with a detailed view of the history of the region in wider contexts. Attractive exhibits accompanied by apposite descriptions and frequently accompanied by activities enhance the experience for all visitors interested in history, culture and nature.

Exposition of the witch trials in Jeseniky area

The exhibition is situated in basement areas of Water fort in Jesniky, which were all reconstructe ...

Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum of the Jeseník micro-region.

Natural History Museum


The exposition dedicated to the nature and history of north-west Moravia will give you the opportun ...

The Museum of Brewing Industry in Hanušovice


Do you know when the production of beer stopped to be an alchemy and got the exact rules? If not, ...

The Witch Trials exposition


The expositions reminds the darkness period of Šumperk history – the disreputable inquisit ...

Town Museum Zlaté Hory

Zlaté Hory

Town Museum Zlaté Hory

Velké Losiny - Hand-Made Paper Factory, Paper Museum
8 / 10

Velké Losiny

The renowned paper factory founded in the middle of the 16th century is located in the town of Velk ...

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