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To be found here are finely reconstructed old temples (Dubicko, Nový Malín), early baroque objects (Dlouhomilov, Vápenná) and unusually beautiful examples of peak baroque architecture (Hynčina, Kopřivná, Zábřeh).

The interiors of many of these churches are decorated with remarkable altars, sculptures and paintings by local artists. Perhaps the best-known were Jan Kryštof Handtke whose paintings decorate altars in Ostružná, Úsov and Šumperk, the walls of the castle chapel in Velké Losiny, and Ignác Raab, the author of church paintings in Dolní Studénky, Vápenné, Vysoké Žibřidovice and other places.

The appearance of many squares in Šumperk and its neighbourhood is characteristic of plague columns, the most beautiful of which (in Zábřeh and Šumperk) were created to a design by Václav Render, the author of Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc.

Another significant baroque construction is the building of Piarist gymnasium in Bílá Voda.