Medieval monuments

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The evidence of the original appearance of most of them, however, are only the ground plans and fragments of Romanesque and Gothic components (e.g. churches in Dubicko, Šumperk, Bernartice, Vidnava). Among the more valuable that we can admire in their original form is the cemetery church portal in Javornik Ves.

Also fortified manors are major medieval sights in Jeseniky area. The same goes for them, though – originally Gothic appearance has undergone many renovations but the Gothic features were used in times very distant from the middle ages. Around the town of Zábřeh, a trip to the castle of Brníček is recommended, and in the neighbourhood of Šumperk you should visit Rabštejn Castle situated the highest.

The reminiscence of medieval arts are gravestones (such as in Zvole and Vyšehorky) and some tiny movables (sculptures of Virgin Mary of Hrabová, of Zábřeh, of Branná, and sculptures in castle collections in Velké Losiny).