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Jeseníky and foothills during the Early Middle Ages and Supreme Middle Ages

News spread during the twelfth century about the Jeseniky deposits and a great influx of people began (mostly German speaking), and it lasted up to half of 13th century. The golden mines gave rise to several disputes out of which the biggest one took place in the 1222 when the Polish Wroclaw bishop named Vavřinec asked Přemysl Otakar I for part of the golden mines. He however did not hand over the mines even after a repeated call from pope Honoria III., and this led to a long term war conflict. Under the rule of Přemysl Otakar II the mining began to orientate also towards the iron ore with the fact that at that time the iron-mills start to occur within the surrounding areas together with metallurgical works and shaft mines as well. Soon after the local iron won such fame that it was exported via France to as far as England was. The towns within Jesenice Region started to become rich due to this deposit and therefore the looting knights came to settle here along with various thieves or raiders, too, with the most famous one thereof being a group gathered round French knight named Wüstenhube, this group managed to steal throughout the region for over ten years. Wüstenhube resided in Kolstein Castle from where he went ahead with robberies in the surrounding region. The royal castles begin to be built in local woods, their task is to guard the territories, routes, mines, and collect the tolls. The decline of mining and metallurgical activities came about by the end of 14th century as a result of wars among Moravian margraves.

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