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Javornicko a Žulovsko

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After the borders were opened, Javorník and Žulová district, the area of woods, ponds and flooded quarries, have once again become an interesting destination for tourists who want to get to know the natural beauty of the Rychlebské Mountains and also for visitors who would like to head for interesting places in the Silesia and Kladsko district. We can recommend the romantic town of Paczkova or the largest hill-top fortress in central Europe, Srebrna Góra.

Despite the constant growth in the tourist trade in this area, the Javorník district has remained a place to find peace and quiet. Javorník, which is nowadays the centre of the area below the Rychlebské Mountains, used to be a village beneath the castle on Jánský Vrch. The discovery of silver ore and iron ore was the begin-ning of the prosperity of Javorník. The town flourished one more time in the past under Schaffgotsch, the bishop of Vratislava. Nowadays, the main attraction of Javorník is the castle.

Another centre of this area, the town Vidnava, which dates back to 1291, has had a different development. After loosing the administration function, its downfall was brought about by wartime disasters, fires and finally by the division of Silesia. Due to these developments, Vidnava is nowadays an urban conservation area with a renaissance castle and houses in the square. The little town of Žulová, with a significant church annexed to the tower of the former castle Frýdberk, is a starting point for the Rychlebské Mountains. On the way to the mountains we pass by the charming waterfalls “Nýznerovské vodopády”. Ca 200 quarries nearby show the evidence of the boom in the mining of quality granite, which is exported to the whole of Europe.

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