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Ramzovské sedlo

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In order to visit the highest main-line station in the Czech Republic, you have to set out for the Ramzová Sad-dle, where not only express but also many other trains bring hundreds of summer tourists and winter skiers a day. Yet in prehistoric times it was a road from Moravia to Silesia that led through the Saddle.

The Ramzová settlement was not founded until 1786. Currently there is a ski resort and a mountain railway for Mini Carts. The Ramzová Saddle is a starting point for hiking trails to Hrubý Jeseník, especially to the Šerák Peak, where you can also go by lift, and further to Keprník, Vozka and Červená hora, under which you will be welcomed by the saddle "Červenohorské sedlo".

The neighbouring village Petříkov has grown into a tourist and ski centre with managed cross country trails leading to the cottage at Paprsek, to the Smrk Mountain and further to the Rychleby Mountains.

Below Ramzová lies another ski resort, the Ostružná village. From here tourist and skiing trails lead to Region of Staré Město, or to the mentioned Rychleby Mountains and Hrubý Jeseník. The alpine character of the Keprník massif is very attractive due to both the summer and winter beauty of the landscape . Should you go down to Jeseník, you will get to the Horní Lipová, where there is a small but unique railway Museum. On the Moravian side of the Ramzová Saddle a small town Branná, a former administrative manor with a castle at earlier times, and a chateau afterwards, is situated. The chateau, together with the church and the farmstead, represents a unique complex of Renaissance buildings. From Branná, hiking trails lead ,among other destinations, to the legendary Vozka Mountain.

PROskil Branná


udaje-o-sjezdovce-teplota: -3.7°C; udaje-o-sjezdovce-snehova-pokryvka: 20 - 40cm (technický); udaje-o-sjezdovce-provoz: v provozu

This ski centre in the municipality of Branná offers two ski lifts as well as a chair lift. There a ...

Relax centrum Kolštejn


Relax centrum Kolštejn

KASTE - Petříkov


udaje-o-sjezdovce-teplota: -4.8°C; udaje-o-sjezdovce-snehova-pokryvka: 30 - 45cm (technický); udaje-o-sjezdovce-provoz: v provozu

Ski resort is equipped by modern high-capacity self-service double ski lift which is situated next ...

Castle and Chateau Kolštejn


The first reference to the castle in Branná dates back to the year 1325 and a tour of the chateau a ...

Ramzová mountain minicars


Ramzová mountain minicars

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